Founded in April 2015 by a Northern Vietnamese lover of Northern cuisine, Chi Dau’s restaurant wants to bring to all diners the home-flavored dishes in an airy, rustic ambience that can make food lovers feel relaxed and enjoyable when spending time here.

Being new in this industry, Chi Dau’s restaurant inevitably may cause inconvenience to customers. However, we always proactively ask for feedbacks to day by day improve our service to bring the best experience to all customers.

Hence, do not hesitate to share immediately with us what makes you unhappy via the hotline or email: 0909775955 / quanchidauhcm@gmail.com

Sincerely thank you for visiting this Website

We’re looking forward to welcoming you all to our restaurant to enjoy our signature “Charcoal grilled pork platter -7 dishes”!



Delicious food, reasonable price, friendly and supportive staffs.

Nguyễn Đại Hải

Spacious, clean, well-organized restaurant. Food is delicious and looks good, affordable price. Great service. I will definitely come second time. highly rated.

Phan Hằng

Good restaurant, nice staff, authentic & diverse dishes.

Ngô Đình Phụng Yến

The platter is great, good with a drink…good service…will come back many times.

Quang Dương

My family had a great lunch here. delicious food. good service so I will definitely come back and recommend to my friends.

Nhiên Đoàn

Delicious food, many choices, lovely owner.

Thảo Thảo


Monday – Sunday

10AM – 11PM

B1: 0909 775 955

B2: 0902 775 955